Kohl Children’s Museum
Kohl Children’s Museum is a non-profit museum focused on engaging children ages birth to 8 through interactive exhibits and programs that encourage children to become effective learners.
Glenview, IL
Business Problem: 
In conjunction with its 25th Anniversary Celebration, Kohl Children’s Museum worked with Digital Bridge Solutions to improve the functionality, usability, and maintainability of the website and to refresh the user interface in order to meet the needs of key user segments. The site also needed to be updated to the most current version of the Drupal web content management system as their current version was no longer supported.
Digital Bridge Solutions conducted customer interviews to ensure that the new site would address the needs and motivations of both teachers and parents and to match the site’s navigational elements to the key user segments. Digital Bridge Solutions fully designed and developed the new site in order to improve the usability while preserving key brand elements of the legacy site.
The new site allowed Kohl’s web marketing team to easily manage and update the website on demand. The theme and design aligned with the brand of Kohl Children’s Museum and the usability of the site has improved vastly.