Radio Flyer
Radio Flyer is the official maker of the little red wagon, tricycles and other safe, quality toys that spark imagination and inspire active play.
Chicago, IL
Consumer Packaged Goods
Business Problem: 
Needed to fortify server, database, and eCommerce platform infrastructure to accommodate high volume web traffic spikes resulting from national promotions and a market seasonality.
Digital Bridge Solutions worked with Radio Flyer to upgrade the Drupal and Magento software running the site and optimize database performance to increase online traffic capacity. We upgraded the hosting environment, implemented load balancing infrastructure, and performed stress testing to proactively identify and mitigate weak points in the online platform.
The enhancements made to the hosting environment, database, software platform, and load balancing infrastructure has dramatically increased the sites’ stability and performance. The marketing team has confidence in running aggressive promotions and flash sales knowing that the web infrastructure can handle traffic spikes of 1000% over baseline.